How to create your Google Drive API keys

Mar 11, 2018    Janaki Mahapatra, API

Step1: Log in to your Google Account and go to this website: Step2: Create a new project using the dropdown at the top. After you enter a name, it takes a few seconds before the project is successfully created on the server. Step3: Select the project at the top. Then go to Library and click on "Drive API" under "G Suite APIs Step4: Enable the Drive API Step5. Create Credentials Go to "Credentials" and click on the tab "OAuth Consent Screen". Fill in a "Product name shown to users" and Save it. Don't worry about the other fields. Then go back to Credentials, click the button that says "Create Credentials" and select "OAuth Client ID". Choose "Web Application" and give it a name. Add in "Authorized redirect URIs". You will need to use this in the next step to get your refresh token. Once you have the token, you can remove the URI. Click Create and take note of your Client ID and Client Secret.