Artisan Cheat Sheet

Jun 16, 2015    Janaki Mahapatra, Laravel

// Displays help for a given command
php artisan --help OR -h
// Do not output any message
php artisan --quiet OR -q
// Display this application version
php artisan --version OR -V
// Do not ask any interactive question
php artisan --no-interaction OR -n
// Force ANSI output
php artisan --ansi
// Disable ANSI output
php artisan --no-ansi
// The environment the command should run under
php artisan --env
// -v|vv|vvv Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
php artisan --verbose

// Display the framework change list
php artisan changes
// Remove the compiled class file
php artisan clear-compiled
// Put the application into maintenance mode
php artisan down
// Regenerate framework autoload files
php artisan dump-autoload
// Display the current framework environment
php artisan env
// Displays help for a command
php artisan help
// Lists commands
php artisan list
// Optimize the framework for better performance
php artisan optimize
// List all registered routes
php artisan routes
// Serve the application on the PHP development server
php artisan serve
// Change the default port
php artisan serve --port 8080
// Get it to work outside localhost
php artisan serve --host
// Interact with your application
php artisan tinker
// Bring the application out of maintenance mode
php artisan up
// Create a new package workbench
php artisan workbench
// Publish a package's assets to the public directory
php artisan asset:publish [--bench[="vendor/package"]] [--path[="..."]] [package]
// Create a migration for the password reminders table
php artisan auth:reminders-table
// Flush the application cache
php artisan cache:clear
// Create a new Artisan command (L3:task)
php artisan command:make name [--command[="..."]] [--path[="..."]] [--namespace[="..."]]
// Publish a package's configuration to the application
php artisan config:publish
// Create a new resourceful controller
php artisan controller:make [--bench="vendor/package"]
// Seed the database with records
php artisan db:seed [--class[="..."]] [--database[="..."]]
// Set the application key
php artisan key:generate

// Database migrations
php artisan migrate [--bench="vendor/package"] [--database[="..."]] [--path[="..."]] [--package[="..."]] [--pretend] [--seed]
// Create the migration repository
php artisan migrate:install [--database[="..."]]
// Create a new migration file
php artisan migrate:make name [--bench="vendor/package"] [--create] [--package[="..."]] [--path[="..."]] [--table[="..."]]
// Reset and re-run all migrations
php artisan migrate:refresh [--database[="..."]] [--seed]
// Rollback all database migrations
php artisan migrate:reset [--database[="..."]] [--pretend]
// Rollback the last database migration
php artisan migrate:rollback [--database[="..."]] [--pretend]
// Publish a package's migrations to migration directory
php artisan migrate:publish vendor/package

// Listen to a given queue
php artisan queue:listen [--queue[="..."]] [--delay[="..."]] [--memory[="..."]] [--timeout[="..."]] [connection]
// Subscribe a URL to an push queue
php artisan queue:subscribe [--type[="..."]] queue url
// Process the next job on a queue
php artisan queue:work [--queue[="..."]] [--delay[="..."]] [--memory[="..."]] [--sleep] [connection]
// Create a migration for the session database table
php artisan session:table
// Publish a package's views to the application
php artisan view:publish [--path[="..."]] package
php artisan tail [--path[="..."]] [--lines[="..."]] [connection]