Cheat Sheets

Salesforce 1 Developer Cheatsheet Salesforce 1 Admin Cheatsheet App Logic: Process Automation Cheatsheet App Logic: Formulas Cheatsheet App Logic: Apex Code Cheatsheet UI: Lightning Co [...]

Create a map for duplicate contacts by phone or email id

Map<String,List> phoneMap = new Map<String, List>(); List scope = [SELECT Id,Phone,Email,CreatedDate FROM Contact WHERE (Phone!='' OR Email!='') order by createddate desc]; for(Conta [...]

How to upload a document to Chatter from Google Drive

Last week I had a requirement to create a chatter post with an attachment from google drive to a salesforce object. You are more than welcome to post a better solution. Thank You for your time. Let Sa [...]

Understanding Deployments

Change Sets A change set is a means by which one organization can send customizations to another organization. An outbound change set is a change set created in the organization you are logged i [...]

How to Call an REST endpoint with basic auth from salesforce?

In order to call an external server, we have to add the URL in Remote Site Settings. Click Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings > New Add external site name and endpoint URL Site:cheena [...]

HttpCallOut from a batch

global class BatchName implements Database.Batchable,Database.AllowsCallouts { public String uri; public String requestUri; public BatchName(String requestUri){ requestUri [...]

How to implement HttpCalloutMock Class?

Testing HTTP Callouts by Implementing the HttpCalloutMock Interface Provide an implementation for the HttpCalloutMock interface to specify the response sent in the respond method, which the Apex runti [...]