Creating a meeting and sending an invite

$meetingObj = new Meeting(); $meetingObj->name= "Meeting Subject"; $meetingObj->date_start='2017-01-01 08:00:00'; $meetingObj->date_end= '2017-01-01 09:00:00'; $meetingObj->team_id=1 [...]

Logic Hook Field-Change Detection

SugarCRM Logic Hooks are a powerful way of interacting with data or other systems on specific system actions, usually retrieving or saving a record. A common customization challenge we face is saving [...]

Manually Removing Module Loader Packages

Use the following steps to remove the reference to the package in the Sugar file system: Navigate to the ./upload/upgrades/module/ directory. Create a new directory titled "disabled". Move [...]

Custom Entrypoint

Create an entrypoint fine anywhere in custom folder(file can be located anywhere you choose). Let say the file is: ./custom/customEntryPoint.php [...]

Sugar CRM DBManagerFactory

Querying The Database: $sql = "SELECT id FROM accounts WHERE deleted = 0"; $result = $GLOBALS['db']->query($sql); while($row = $GLOBALS['db']->fetchByAssoc($result) ) { //Use $row['id'] to [...]

Sugar BeanFactory

The BeanFactory class, located in ./data/BeanFactory.php, is used for loading an instance of a SugarBean. This class should be used any time you are creating or retrieving bean objects. It will automa [...]